Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi Readers,
I hope that this finds you wonderful. I appreciate you reading this blog. I have continued to face some of my best fears. Some yes, I fail but I cant give up because I know people in my life dont want me to give up. I have recently been conquering my fear of the dentist. Today a matter a fact I got two of my wisdom teeth pulled with the help of Reba blaring in my eyes :) It hard sometimes to look fear in the eye. But I am strong everyday I try! I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it and I hope that you learn something! If not that is ok!

These last few months since I have started this blog has honestly felt like I am piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. I love jigsaw puzzles especially when I get it all together and know I finish something I started. I know everyone story is different and some people understand their puzzles but for me I just didn't want to piece together anything till now. What I mean by it being a jigsaw puzzle is that I feel every time something happens to me its like a piece of the puzzle to find the whole picture that is called my purpose in life. Every time I find a piece that doesn't fit or I don't understand at the moment, I know now that I shouldn't and can't give up because I could find the next piece and it could fit with the piece that doesn't seem to make sense. I also know that life with throw pieces that don't fit at all in your pile so you can sort them out. You will probably try and fit it with every piece but when you realize it doesn't fit then you can move on till you find one that will.

I realize that people in our lives are some of the strangest shaped pieces because some really shouldn't be there because they just keep hurting your life and confusing the puzzle up. But there is a reason for everyone in your life. Some guide us and love us but sadly some of them hurt us. The ones that hurt you though usually teach you a lesson in life if you watch real carefully. You just have to find the right pieces.

I've always learned that everyday is a new day every day of my life is a piece of my puzzle.  Some times I forget this and beat myself up because I thought If I didn't do it that day I ruin it. If one day doesn't work out like you would like it to don't worry because there is always tomorrow. Another piece of my puzzle I am still trying to connect is that I need to look at the positive things in life not just the negative things in life. An example of that is drama is a small town is just drama. Yes, some of it drives me crazy but if I doesn't hurt me that I don't need to worry about it. I know for me Reba was a piece, learning to trust again was a piece, my true friends are pieces, and so many pieces but I cant wait to figure out the whole. :)

I recently read a little story/blog talking about "What does it mean to really live life to the fullest?" It talks about family, friends, and other things but the whole book is based on a list of ten things. I wanted to share that list with you. I actually was surprised that I have a really similar list of my own like this.

The list was titled "Have you done this today?" 
1. Made a friend smile- A simple smile can brighten anyone's day.
2. Smelled a flower
3. Smiled for yourself 
4. Took a walk, mediate, swing or relax
5. Looked up at the clouds
6. helped a stranger
7. Told someone you love that you love them. 
8. Listen to music
9. Dreamed 
10. Hoped

This list made me think back on the last week and I went through. Alot of them I dont do everyday and makes me wonder if I did would I be a happier person.  Have you done these things today?? I hope that each person who reads this aleast does one or more things on this list everyday! Love you all!!! TTFN, Dream Girl :)

Comment if you would like! I love love reading all the feedback!!!

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  1. You know I have something to say. WAY TO GO, Jen!!!! You are learning at a young age something it takes most people a lifetime to learn. If you do just one thing on your list every day you have done more than most. Keep on going. Love you.