Saturday, January 21, 2012

never quit

Hi Everyone, I wanted to start out by thanking the person reading this.. You dont how much that means to me. I hope that you enjoy your week.

I have a friend that is also handicapped. When I told her about my blog she asked me a few questions and I touched on some of the things in other blogs but I thought I would write to help her out. Maybe it will shed some light on something your going through.

 She asked, "Jen, Im struggling in  my new school especially P.E. I dont know about how teachers react to my disablity. What if they dont understand?

Teachers understand most things. If they dont teach them. Most of them are just as curious as most people are.  I know for me I found some amazing teachers that helped me through school and still do. Sometimes I need that reminder to go the bathroom or I need that extra push to do something. Yes, I did run into the ones that dont understand and it made me frustrated but you can let it get to you. Now that I am out of school I look to some of my former teachers for advice. They are the greatest.

As for the P.E. dilema In my elementary and Middle School. I hate P.E. I hated watching the other kids do jumping jacks, run the miles, and running around playing sports. Well I got to Middle School and Met a teacher by the name of Sandi Lee. She told me I could do anything. She showed me how to particapate in P.E. Ok yes alot of the time I disliked her because back then I didnt realize she was helping me instead of making do things that I thought were embrassing. Like instead of running the mile. She and I walked the mile and me being the goalie for some of the sports. I rememebering alot of the time I would hide in the locker room.. Now that I am grown and out of school I admire and owe so much to Ms.Lee and many others.. Many of which are probably reading this :)  

The other question she asked me is "How do I know what I want to do with the rest of my life? Im lost"

Well Im not alot of help in the area quite yet. I am still trying to figure me out. As of right now I have no clue what I want to do with my life. Im basically what you would call lost too. But I do know that Im not alone. I have so many people that care and if i need a ear or shoulder I know I can count on them. Life is climb. Some days yes I do want to quit but I cant. Someday youll find that one thing you really want to do and reach for it but right now just live for today. Tommorow is never promised to anyone :)

Well I hope that I helped someone. If anyone else has any questions I always welcome to answer if you would like..  Have a great weekend! Will write more soon! TTFN, Dream girl


  1. What a wonderful thing you did. Not only sharing your old ghosts, but helping someone else. See I told you that you have a lot to offer. :)

    1. Thanks! Im learning slowly.. i want to thank you for all the comments and believing in me.. you dont know how much that means to me. Love you!