Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lesson Learned

Hey Everyone,
I hope everyone is having a great night.. Ive been going through alot of emotions lately.. Some I dont know exactly to do with and others I can deal with.. I learned alot this past weekend. Some things I know i will learn and relearn everyday but maybe someday i will get them done like math facts :)

1. Friends will always be there when you need them. True friends I mean. They will be there to lift you up that or to help you fall softly so you dont break your head open.
2. Living in a small town has its up and downs. Everyone has there own version of a story and only the main character of that story will know the real one. If you dont know the whole truth then keep it to yourself.
3. Its ok to cry.. It clears the nose for sure.. It doesnt mean you are weak or cant handle something. It just means that you were strong for long enough and need help sometimes. 
4. Its ok to miss people.. means they mean something in your life.. and you cant wait to see them again..
5. When someone you love passes away.. They arent really gone.. they are always will you.  
6. Im me.. I make mistakes.. Im human.. I may want to fall and lay there when i make mistakes but i have friends that will be there if i need to help me stand back up. 
6. Im not a quitter. I know that this life is a climb.. i know i cant quit.. Someday i believe these dreams will fly 
7. If you dont understand your parents sometimes.. dont let it bug you.. they will always care but maybe just dont know how to actually show you how.
8. If you live in a place that most are looking for tommorow, dont let that make you miss today.
9. Its ok to reach.. youll never no when there will hand to lift you up.
10. NEVER GIVE UP! Youre never in this alone.. Just ask someone!
Thank you for reading! I will write again soon! Have a great week! Love you all! Remember to pay it forward! 
TTFN, Dream Girl  

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  1. I so love what you write. We could take these and put them in a book titled "Dreams of a Lost Girl." Although I think your are finding out things about yourself you didn't know. That's a good thing. Love you.