Friday, March 23, 2012

Dreams can come true if you just believe in them!

Hi Friends,
I hope that you are all well and enjoying your evening.. I wanted to blog what seem like a normal day but turned into one of the days that I will remember forever

I got out of bed really late. I just didn't feel like getting up. I felt kinda lousy. I got up when Lexi came in from school. She suggested we go to Walmart so I agreed. I needed to get out of my apartment. So we headed out. As we got to Campbell Rd my phone rang. I looked at it and it read Keith Allen. I answered it. We chatted for a min. He asked if I could send him my email address. I told him I would. Keith is one of those friends that are very hard to find but when you do, don't let them go. He informed me that he had gotten an email that I definitely would want to read. We chatted for a min or two. I really miss him.  Well lets just say I was really wanting to get home and read this email from Keith. He had me super nervous and excited all at once. So Lexi and I booked it to Walmart and then home.. Fastest walmart trip in world. We got home and I went to my computer.. I read the email... Then I read it twice.. Three times and still couldn't believe what I was reading. Keith's friend got a responds back from Reba. What I didnt notice till Lexi said something was I was crying.  It truly and I mean truly has changed my life in more ways than one. This one email will forever be one of the greatest things I have received. I have printed it out and look at it everyday when I dont think I have the strength to get out of bed. Why you might ask? Well Ill break it down for you..
1. Reba McEntire is my hero. I think she honestly was put in my life to guide me and save it. I thank God everyday for her and what she does!
2. She is a superstar and took the time out her busy schedule to read my blog and write me.. A small town girl with a disability. That shows me she is true to her fans and a very generous person.
3. It shows me that dreams come true if you wish hard enough.

So I ask you.. What is your dream? Do you have one? Are you still wishing on that dream or did you give up. If you have given up PLEASE don't give up, someday they will come true when you least expect them. I know for me I will continue to dream to actually one day to talk to Reba and thank her for helping me believe that life is worth living and heroes are there for you!


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  1. Have you framed it yet? It should hang in your room where you can see it when you open your eyes every morning. <3