Friday, February 3, 2012

Memories of RCMS Forever

Hi Everyone,
I know I usually post once a week but I decided that this needed to get out of my head and on paper.. I hope that the person reading this is having a great day or night! First THANK YOU for reading this. Its means the world to me.

This past Tuesday I went with my cousin Alexis to Rose City Middle School. As we walked through the doors by the office it was like coming home for the first time since I left. Its just that sense of comfort. We walked in the office to give Mrs.VanWarmer her christmas gift that I had since Christmas. Never saw her till now.. Then as we exited out of the office we ran into Ms.Lee and Mrs. L. All I can say about these two teachers is hero. They have shown me so much through the years and still continue to inspire me so much. I only hope they know how much I appreciate them so. After we got done talking to them we headed down the hallway to see who we could find. We found Ms.Scheel, who is the sweetest, most caring, and generous person you ever meet. We couldnt find anyone else so we decided to leave.

As we walked back through the halls of RCMS. I looked in each classroom and it was like a movie reel in my head. So many memories flooded back to my head. Some yes are sad and depressing, but there are so many that I smile and laugh about. So many memories in such a small school. When I attended RCMS it was like we all were a family. No one cared who was dating who, what you wore, or who you hung out with.  

I can remember meeting Mrs.Rossi and Ms.Trudell for the first time, scared out of my wits going into a new school.. Also the summer before my 5th grade year, I lost my best friend, My Grandma Rita to cancer. I tried my hardest not to be close to anyone but these two teachers put my nerves on hold with the kindness and love they show. 5th grade year is fussy but those two teachers are the best. Mrs.Rossi moved away when I was in 7th grade and I can remember the her last day going home and crying into my pillow. Thats how much you connect with the teachers at RCES and RCMS.

P.E. was never my favorite class. I dreaded going to that class. I can remember wanted to go home right before it. I hated changing. I thought the kids would think I was weird. Yes, I tried to hide my disabilty for as long as I can remember. I hated being different.  There is one memory that I will remember forever. It was one day we were trying to get things accomplished for the Presidental Fitness Test.. But I had Mr.Hysell and Ms.Lee as teachers and they never let me down. They helped me through things like the mile, pullups, and other things.  They always were so excited when i would finish each station. I can remember doing the sit and reach and I would get one of the highest in the class. I was so proud of myself. I know I made such a fuss with doing all these things but what they dont know is with their help I learned that I could do things but just in my own way. Im forever in debt to those two :)

I can remember so many laughs in Ms.Coe's class when she would tell stories of when she was growing up and when she first teaching. She could always keep you listening on to her every word. I can remember the famous Blackened popcorn incident, where it was still outside when the snow melted. I can remember watching channel one on Sept. 11th 2001..  Feeling sadness for all the loss that day and all the destruction. But I can remember all the love in that room also.. Crocheting was so fun and entertaining too. I was so surpised at how much the guys in my class enjoyed it. We did that after we had a lesson in Flutophones. That was so not the favorite thing we did in her class. They were more annoying then ever. Cant forget the famous black lipstick. She threaten every misbehaving boy with it.  I cant forget the awesome Social Studies lessons. Going to basketball games when she still coached. One thing that I will never forget from her class though is friends last a lifetime..

I remember having to do some amazing projects with Mr. Elliott. He also likes my hero Reba so it was nice to have a person to talk to about her. Boats were a highlight to alot of people. I still have mine and I look back to all the laughs and jokes in his class. I remember forestry too that was so interesting and fun. Mr. Elliott also had a way of teaching math so that I could understand it. He was always there if you need to cheer up. He always had a warm smile.  

Mrs.Beehler was amazing teacher. I remember doing spirt week.. which was one of the best weeks out of the year. She also was the crafty person in the school. I remember doing some of my first drawings in her class.

There are so many memories that bring a smile to my face. Playing Zoombinis in Ms.Scheel's class, reading Anne Frank in Mrs.Campbell, making the eighth grade video and bridges in Mr.Erickson. Having a unexpected dance in the band room for just 8th graders. Talks with Mr. Logan and Mrs.VanWarmer. Officer KC and others helping me with bullying.  Of course sixth grade camp.

Years and Years passed and so many things changed. In high school I loved coming back to see all of them. It would make my day alot better to see all the familar faces like Mrs.Benjamin, Ms.Vigus, and all the teachers that made RCMS the best school in the world.  Most of them are not teaching at RCMS anymore which sadden my heart but I know for me they all made me a better person today. Im so lucky to have been a student at RCMS and I will never forget any of the teachers, counselors, parapros, and kitchen staff. Im lucky to have some of them as friends! I wouldnt want it anyother way. RCMS will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Thank you again for reading. I hope the teachers read this and know how much I love and appreicate them so much!!! TTFN, Dream Girl


  1. And home is always where your heart is. You are in mine always.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Jen. Here's my writing lesson for the day. I learned that there is something called a seed story - it's just a tiny part of the whole watermelon. You take that seed and expand it until it becomes a whole story. The two seeds I'm hoping you will expand on from this watermelon are:

    I can remember the famous Blackened popcorn incident, where it was still outside when the snow melted. I don't know why the blackened popcorn incident is famous (or infamous). What happened?

    I can remember watching channel one on Sept. 11th 2001.. Feeling sadness for all the loss that day and all the destruction. Of course I remember 9-11. I remember hearing that a plane had flown into one of the twin towers and I thought it was a joke. It took quite a while before I began to understand that it was something that was really happening!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you'll develop a couple of those seeds! Love you!