Thursday, February 16, 2012

One Moment in Time

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are having a great night or day depending on when you are reading this. First I want to thank the person taking the time to read this. You dont know how much it means to me. I have had a good couple of weeks. Some days are better than others. I miss alot of people that I havent seen in a while and so that gets to me every once in a while. I hope they know how much I love them.  I currently am working on alot of different aspects of my life. Some medical and others emotional. I plan to take it one day at a time. Trying my hardest to pay it forward with all I do.  

I wanted to talk about something that is hitting the media pretty heavily. I was very sadden to hear of Whitney Houston's death. You're probably thinking why in the world would a pure country girl like someone like Whitney Houston. Whitney was a singer that I listened to when I was growing up and I still do. She was one of my childhood heroes. To be honest, yes it seems drugs were involved but to me Whitney will never be remembered like that. I think we live in a society that makes us pressure our "celebrities". Yes, its ultimately thier choice but when your in the spotlight I think that you are pressured more than ever to be better and sometimes that leads down a deep dark road. Celebrities are just people too. People make mistakes. Sometimes you just dont know which way to go. I just dont think that people should be judged by their dark side. I know for me I want to be remember as the girl that didnt give up not the girl that battled herself.

I remember when I first heard Whitney, she sang "I Will Always Love You" on some award show. I would stand in front of the TV and pretend I was one of her backup singers.  Her voice captiavated me. I know country was where my heart was but I can remember be in awe of Whitney.  Her style was so pretty. I remember the white dress on the Grammys I think. I loved the movie the "Bodyguard" and still do. I remember watching it when I was a little girl and trying to mimc her performances in the film. The thing I can remember the most is watching the Cinderella movie with Whitney as the fairy godmother and wishing with all my heart that she would come and grant me the wishes I wished so hard for. As a child I thought movies were magic. As I am sad that she died but I know for me that she will live on forever in her music and in my heart like many others. The only thing that makes me really disappointed is that I never got to tell her how much she touched my life. Whitney Houston was a "borrowed angel" who will be watching over all of us with that powerful voice. I Will Always Love You Whitney! Thank you for being an inspiration to me!  

There are so many stars/people that have passed away that I only wish they knew how they have impacted me in some way or other. I only wish that I get the chance to tell those who impacted me in some way celebrity or even non-celebrity how much they mean to me before it is too late. I hope this blog helps me do that. So heres my advice to the person reading this.... tell the people that impact your life how they do even if its a celebrity. Dont give up till they know. One day it will be too late.. I know my wish/dream is to tell Reba McEntire how much she has help save my life. One day I hope that I can tell her all about it.  

Thanks again for reading! Leave a comment if you wish, they make me continue writing!  

TTFN, Dream Girl

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  1. We all have celebrity heroes. My first one was Annette Funicello....see she was one of the original Mousekateers. I saw all her beach blanket films. I am saddened that she has been struck by disease. Unfair. I will not remember her as a disease ridden woman but as a bright your starlet.

    Not all lives have a happy ending. Some just seem to. Other fade away and still others fall to drugs and alcohol. Money doesn't buy happiness, it brings other head and heart aches.

    Keep your dreams Miss Jen. Don't give them up. Someday Reba will know just how much she means to you.

    PS. "I Will Always Love You" was originally done by Dolly Parton, you don't get more country than that.