Monday, April 16, 2012

ABCs of being a true friend.

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I havent written in a while. Ive been trying to figure out what to write about.. The last few weeks have been an eye opener.. I still have those days that I dont want to get out of bed but they are not an everyday thing anymore. I understand now that its OK to have bad days and not beat myself up about them. I've come to realize too that I cant just sit in my apartment all day either because that just gets my mind to think too much.. I have been walking every chance I get..  I also found out that I love to swing and its great exercise too. I take it day to day and see what that day brings me. It better that way. :)

I have asked myself this question all the time and I've actually spent a lot of thought into it and think I found a cool way to put my spin on it. The question is "How can I show someone I am a true friend?". Well here is my explanation....

What are the ABC's of being a friend . . .

Accepts you as you are- It should matter what you wear, drive, or what you look like they love you anyhow.

Believes in "you"- It helps to have someone to have faith in you because in return it helps you believe in yourself

Calls/Texts/Facebook you just to say "HI"- a simple "hi" or "how are you?" makes people know that you are thinking of them and can brighten their day.

Doesn't give up on you- This is a big one. If a person doesnt give up on you then you know not to give up on yourself. 

Envisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)

Forgives your mistakes- Everyone makes mistakes whether big or small but it is learning how to forgive them that makes a friend

Gives unconditionally- Even if its just an ear or a simple hug. We all want to be loved and know that we mean something to someone. 

Helps you- Friends help you whenever they can. They know if you need to be left alone they will but they reassure you that they are there if you need them

Includes you in things- A true friend wont let you sit on the sidelines.

Just enjoys being with you- They will appreciate all the time they spend with you not just hang with you because they feel obligated to 

Keeps you close at heart- This speaks for its self but I know for me. My true friends are close at heart always. 

Loves you for who you are- Everyone wants to be loved for who they truly are not what they do or will do. 

Makes a difference in your life- whether its helping you overcome a event or making you smile.  

Never Judges- People are not perfect. Everyone has flaws but to find a person that looks pass the flaws and to see you for really you is important. 

Offers support- it really explains itself but to help each other out... Isnt that what we were put on this earth for? 

Picks you up- Everyone falls down at times in life but a great thing is to have a hand to get you back on your feet. 

Quiets your fears- Fears sometime can stand in your way of your dreams but when a person steps in and helps you overcome them, its worth while. 

Raises your spirits- Life is full of stress. a friend helps you get a rid of that. 

Says nice things about you- This is true for when that friend is with you or not. You can really tell if someone is a good friend if they dont talk behind your back. 

Tells you the truth when you need to hear  it- Sometime you just need to hear the truth from a friend for it to really sink it. 

Understands you- Only a true friend will see what  you cant explain with words. 

Values you- A friend will see you for your true value not someone who is only worth a little. 

Walks beside you- A true friend wont walk in front or behind you but choose to walk right next to you

X -plain things you don't understand- One person doesn't know everything so when you have someone that can lend you a better understanding of something then only then will you truly understand. 

Yells when you won't listen 

Zaps you back to reality- Sometime you just need that friend that can bring you back to earth

Hope you enjoyed my ABCs. Have a great day and remember to be a "true" friend to someone. Just a simple smile can save a life. Dont wait till its too late to tell that friend that they mean the world to you. Love yall! Share this with your friends!! 

TTFN, Dream Girl 

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  1. Excellent. I only hope I can live up to most of these. Friends come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and walks of life. Some are wealthy, some are poor, some land someplace in the middle. But what matters is that they are your friends.
    I am the wealthiest person I know, and it's because of the people who call me friend, not because of my bank account.