Friday, April 27, 2012

Three little words.....

Hi Everyone,
I hope that you are having a great night/day! Thank you for taking the time to read this.. It means more than you will ever know..

I'm proud of you.... three little words that can go a long way.. three little words I've only heard a few times.. Growing up with two athletic brothers I usually went to all their sport meets.. I would watch them in awe. I wanted to be like them but I never feel like I belonged in sports.. They would always get done with their game or match. Win another trophy. Everyone would congratulate them and tell them how proud they were.. I longed to hear my parents tell me that they were proud of me.. It hurts not being able to hear that. I always wanted them to be proud of me. My Grandma Rita once told me when I got out of surgery that she was proud of me for hanging in there. It wasn't tell recently that these three little words have come into my world.. For me it means that someone out there really cares what I am doing and it makes me feel like I do have something in this world.

I'm Moving on.. Three words I don't really know how to do.. They tell you when something bad happens to you that you need to learn to move on so you can be happy. All my life I guess I have focused all my attention to all the bad things that have happen to me that I haven't moved on from any of them. I will honestly can tell you right now I don't understand how you move on.. I know you can get by.. I just don't know how to move on without the ones I've lost. I'm slowly learning different things that show me to help me cope but it will take time to learn exactly how to move on..

I love you.. three little words that can make your whole world. These three little words that can actually be three huge words in someone life. I honestly believe if you tell the ones  you love them every chance you get you will not regret if one day they would be taken away.. These words I dont tell someone unless I mean it. I dont like to toss my feeling around like a sack of potatoes.. But honestly tell the ones you love everyday.. If you havent in a long time.. DO IT NOW!

These words or phases can make a difference in someone's life. They actually can save someone's life. But you have to mean them.. Dont just say them.. mean them.. Who knows what you can do in a person's life. Werent we put on this earth to help one another, not hurt each other!

Well Have a great weekend!! If you would like comment on here, twitter, or facebook... Oh and remember to PAY IT FORWARD!!! what goes around comes around!!!


  1. Im proud of you. It takes out of courage to write about your story. And your such a strong woman!

    1. What a great inspiration. You don't have to run a mile a minute or be a star to be a hero...