Sunday, August 19, 2012

That time of year again!

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you all had a great week. I know I haven't been the most talkative on here lately. Truth is that I am so unsure of things that are happening and trying to figure them all out. A lot of you might have heard me say that this summer has been a bummer and this is true in so many ways but I have come to realize that it has been a summer of learning. I might have not been doing things I wanted to but I have done things I needed to do. 

This past week was the annual Ogemaw County Fair. I have went to the fair for as long as I can remember and have had so many great memories there. This week was some of the most fun I have had in a while. I dont how many times I was asked this year of What are your favorite memories of the Ogemaw County Fair? So here are some of all time favorites.. 

My childhood memories are all just bits and pieces. Remembering the boys doing pigs all those years. Getting run over by them so many times. The pigs not my brothers. I have flashbacks of Grandma taking us out there. Riding the rides. Getting up for barn duty when I did rabbits. Freezing (stage fright) when I had to show my rabbits. Those memories will always be there even in bits and pieces. 

Swine Barn Fair 2012

One of my ultimate favorite memories that keeps me smiling and loving life is seeing Ms.Kathy Green and Ms. Harriett H. Coe at the fair. Memories of these two are the best I love talking about life with them. There is never a dull moment with these two. I guess that is why admire them so much! One year we went to the tractor pulls together and it was so much fun. I gave them each a license plate one year. It was so great to see their faces. Ms.Coe put her on her truck and it would make me smile seeing it when I would see her going around town. Another time I remember walking around after the talent show and we saw them in the Antique villiage and my parents and I stood around talking about things that they remember with both of them. It was a nice time to listen to all the stories and such! The past two year Ms.Coe hasn't been able to attend and I know how much she wished she was there but sometimes life throws curve balls. She definently was in my thoughts and other too! We love you Ms.Coe!!  They will always be a huge part of my life and the 
Ogemaw County Fair!
This picture of Ms. Coe, Mariah and I was taken at my brother
Jesse's wedding Oct 2011 <3

The year was 2004. I went to my first concert ever in May. It was Shania Twain. I attended my first Reba concert and had just met my hero, Reba McEntire in July. My mom had told me how she had gotten the back stage passes and I wanted to Thank whoever it was that made me realize that dreams can come true and that they are not just for dreaming. So I printed the picture of Reba and I out and got the information that I needed.. Keith Allen was going to be at the Ogemaw County Fair for 94.5 the Moose. The day arrived that he would be there. I was lets just say a little nervous. I didn't know what to say or nothing. I walked up to the booth and I had seen picture of him so I knew it was him. He put my nerves to ease. He was the nicest guy ever. I gave him the photo and thank him so much for the opportunity. We chatted for a bit. One thing Keith didn't realize is that day I began to dream again. I knew Reba was special in my life and knew that with her I could find the light at the end of my dark tunnel. After that day I couldn't wait till the next year to see him again and tell him all about my concerts and things I had been up too. I had found a true friend! He went to a different radio station a few years later and it makes me sad that I don't get to see him any more at the fair but those years I did get to see him there will stay with me forever. 

This picture was taken July 22, 2004 at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort!  

This year at the fair has been one full of laughs, smiles, and sadness (knowing Ms.Coe wouldn't be there) all wrapped up in one. I went out Tuesday,Wednesday, and Saturday. 

I knew that 94.5 the moose was going to be there again and the last few years I have missed them out there but I was prepare this year. I showed up about an hour after I knew they would be there. I had cousins Mariah and Ashley with me so they could see the fair with me for a while. I knew the DJ was going to be Miss Jodi K. I have meet her a few times and we talk a lot on Facebook. She is one of my heroes for sure. I was super excited to see her and talk for a few. She gave me a poster and sticker that she autographed. :) I got my picture taken with her because I didn't have one with her at all. We chatted for a few mins. Best time ever!! She made all the disappointments of summer disappear in an instant! Wishes do come true!!  I am so lucky to have amazing heroes!! 

One of my heroes Jodi K at the Ogemaw County Fair 2012! Love you Jodi K!!!

I also got to spend sometime with Mrs.Green this year. She moved to WI a while back and doesn't get here often anymore so I was really looking forward to seeing her again! She is one of the sweetest ladies in the world. We saw each other on Tuesday for a bit. Then I didn't catch up with her till Thursday and we went to Sunrise for lunch. We chatted about what I am up to and how things are changing for me. She gives the best advice. I love spending time with her. Her hugs also have that magic touch that makes the world seems so bright! I'm so lucky to have her in my life. 

My cousin Alex and I also spend some time together on Wednesday. It was a blast. He offered to push my wheelchair so that was sweet. We did the paint and take thing which was so much fun. I couldnt believe how much he knew about painting. We then went around the fairgrounds. It was just fun to hang out and not worry about school and life. We shared a bunch of laughs! 

Alex painting the eyes of my dolphin at the paint and take tent  Fair 2012 

Another best part of fair this year was sharing some of it with my best friend Jenna Jones and meeting her boyfriend. I looked for her most of the day not knowing what time they would get there. They got there just before the Talent Show on Saturday. I saw her walk by and yelled her name. She always knows how to brighten my day! She gave me a hug and introduce Robby. Very nice guy! I am so incredibly happy for her! She deserve only the best always! We were going to meet up afterward but I never did see them again that night. I looked all around but never saw them. I didn't really know what else to do so I went to my car about 10pm. I was a bit disappointed but I know that we will hang again soon!! Jenna has helped me so much this summer and she makes the summer worth it! I am so blessed she came into my life! I hope to have her continued support and  love because she helps me get out of bed each day thankful for life! 

This picture of Jenna and I  was actually taken a few weeks ago at
 Applebees in West Branch!  Didnt get one at the fair 

I know another year has gone by but the memories at the fair last a lifetime! Life maybe a roller coaster but having friends, heroes, family makes the ride a joy not a fear!  I hope you enjoyed reading about the Ogemaw Fair and if you get a chance to check it out next year! It is super fun!! TTFN, Jen 


  1. Glad you have good memories of the fair and had a good time there this year.

  2. Great blog!!! The fair is a great place to see lots of friends. You have a wonderful way of sharing your experiences.