Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I didnt know... (2nd blog from facebook)

Hi Everyone,This is a copy of the second blog on facebook i did.. For those that dont have a facebook! If you would like to contact me my email is :) Love you all!!

From the response from the first note "Living Proof".. I thought I would try it again.. There is a "game" going around Facebook that when you like some one's status they wrote about when they were a certain age, they give you a age.. Well I liked my cousin ashley's status. She gave me the age 12... I wrote about it but I thought I would expand on that.. (Mrs.L and Mrs.Vigus asked me to and I decided that it would be a perfect topic)

Age 12...
I was a 6th grader at Rose City Middle School.. I had some of the best teachers there (at the time I didnt realize that they knew what was best for me.) Mr Hysell and Ms.Lee honestly are some of the best P.E. teachers youll ever meet. They pushed me in P.E.. Never letting me give up and quit. I would always be included in something if it was me being goalie. To be honested most days I was mad as heck at them for that. I think I gave them all the excuses in the book. There were many teachers that helped me with certain subjects. I know I would never pass math without Mr. Elliott. He made it fun. Always had a smile and if you were down he could cheer you up. If you had a problem with homework he was quick at finding the best way to help you understand. Ms.Coe was my Social Studies teacher. She also made it fun to learn. She would tell us stories. I dont think there was a day she didnt. They helped you understand that she went through many things that you may have to tackle in life. She would be the one that would get me back on schedule. I will admit that at one time or two I was mad at all of them for trying to push or help. I didnt know that they were there to help. I always kept to my self. I did struggle with the Battle of the day to day challenge of fitting in. I had friends but I always felt they were friends to me cuz they felt sorry for me.. I never realize that they really wanted to be my friend till many years later. I would have bathroom problems often. It got frustrated so most nights were in tears. I also didnt know how to deal with the death of my grandma a year ago.

I went to Wolverine 6th grade Camp, where I learned some teachers care enough to make you realize they really care about you.. I can remember an incident that happened at camp. It was about the second night of being at camp.. I took my shoe off and my friends Alicia and Amy look at me and said there is something wrong with your foot. I dont have much feeling in feet so I hadnt had a clue. They went and got Ms.Lee. I remember that I was scared about to cry because they were freaked out.. Ms.Lee took one look at it and said she would be right back.. I can remember whispering around me "how did she now know" "that is really not normal" which made me more uncomfortable. Ms.Lee came back with Ms.Coe. She came over and she gave me the sweetest smile. She told me the thing I didnt think that anyone would say "Youre going to be alright". I got it bandage and went to bed. That week I was on a strict no long walking.. Ms.Lee was my team leader.. During this week I grew a true respect for her. She always was a hard teacher but during this week she made me realize she cares so much for what she does. I do remember being sad that I felt left out like the races, obstacle course, and other things. The hayride is also where I became to be friend Mr. Elliott. If you were to go back and ask if anyone knew how I felt. They would tell you that they thought I was ok.. I was never one to show my feeling or emotions. But all and all it was one of the best times Ive had ever and I would never regret going.
So that what I remember most of being 12 years old. I hope that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading! Comment if you would like. Night All! Love you!!

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