Saturday, November 26, 2011

Surpises are sometimes the best things ever

Hi Everyone,
I hope whomever is reading this that you are having a great night.. Thanks so much for supporting me and reading this blog! It means the world to me to have people care.

I hope that your thanksgiving was filled with lots of food, family, friends, and fun. I went to my grandma Joan's house for dinner.. It was not the same to have my cousin Charlotte there or Jesse and Mallissa.. The food was great! I watched my porpotions, I am trying to get healthier.

Thanksgiving night was interesting to say the least. I took Robert and Lexi home about 7:00pm. My mom calls as I pull out of their house to tell me that they were getting around to go to Walmart because Aunt Missie wanted the Xbox 360 bundle from Walmart. So I sat in the parking lot and waited till they got there.  They finally got there about 7:30ish. We went and got the tickets. What I didnt know is that they actually didnt go on sale till 10pm. We had over 2 hours! But the time went by.. Then the madness started. I never saw so many people. We shopped for a while but I didnt have no money so i just really looked.. I left before my mom and everyone was done. It was fun though.

Friday was one of the best days Ive had in while. I have had some great days but this one was one of the best. I got up and cleaned house for a bit mostly laundry. About 3pm my phone went off. You know how sometimes you cant believe your eyes whos calling. Well this was one of those moments. I stared at my phone for a few seconds. My phone read "Mrs.Green Cell". So I thought oh she calling me back because I called her yesterday for Thanksgiving. I answered it. And she asked how I was doing and what I was up too. She then asked me If I could meet her and Ms.Coe in the resturant in about 5 minutes. I said YES!!! I couldnt believe it.. I flew to get ready. I told Alexis that I hadnt gotten ready that fast in a long time. Then I went up to the bakery. I dont about everyone else but when I see friends I hadnt seen in while it changes my mood. I was so happy to see both of them! They will probably never know how much I am grateful for their guidance and friendship all these years.  We sat and chatted about what we have been up to. We shared some laughs like always. They told me stories of when they were younger and when they were teaching. If you ever find a friend or two that you can go forever and not see each but pick up where you leave off in just a few mins, treasure them.. They are hard to find. I told them all about what happening with me. They encourage me and I really appreicate that. I didnt want the moment to leave.

When they left I ran back to the house. I knew I had to get Lexi and get back to work at 5pm to do dishes at the bakery. I got Lexi and Ali (Lexi's mom's boyfriend's daugher).  Told Lexi that there isnt anything that anyone could do to take away my wonderful attitude today.Went to work. It was really slow. I cleaned whatever I could find. Scrubbed the sink,the wall by the sink, and just kept busy. It went by fast. I was just happy to aleast have a few hours. We got all cleaned up and left at 930pm... then we came back home and I was in a cleaning mode. So I scrubbed my apartment except the floors.  I also gave Belle and Princess a bath. Lexi and Ali did their nails, helped me out a bit, and took the dogs out for me. My brother Jesse called me as I was cleaning. I talked to him for almost an hour. Hadnt really talked to him since they were home for the wedding. I really miss him being around. When I was little I always said I wont miss him when he grows up but now that he is gone, I know I was dead wrong. Now I am sitting here wide awake.  I just dont want this day to end I guess :)

Hope you have a great night/day! I love ya! Thank you for reading! Comment here or facebook if you wish! Will write more soon!

TTFN, Girl in a fanstatic mood

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  1. What a fantastic surprise!!! So glad they did that for you. Glad it was a good Thanksgiving. Miss you, girly. Love you bunches.