Saturday, November 19, 2011

Letting Go

Hi everyone,
These are thoughts that keeping running through my mind and Im trying to sort things out and need some opinions on it all.

I know most of you already know that my parents started and owned Big E Bakery and Resturant. About 4 weeks my dad signed the papers that sold the bakery, caboose, mio bakery, and the building to my dads friend Randy Jennings.

I know its not for me to complain about but I just dont know how to not feel cheated/screwed over. I actually depended on the bakery alot. I ate there alot because its hard to cook for just one person. I always make more than I should. I then eat all of what I made. Trying to watch my weight I cant do that so i would go up and it was portion for one person. Also if I ran out of something I would go up and borrow it. The bakery was a place to go and visit with the people that worked there. I trusted alot of people there. Going in there now its seems like im not welcome by most of them. Its like its divided it two. There are a few that I consider to be my friends. I would go help with dishes and write down that hour or so just for a few dollars.  Now I go in there and do dishes just to help certain people. Sometimes they pay for it and I appreicate it. As for the scheduling, I havent actually worked in a week and half. They keep scheduling teens that spend there money on makeup, hair crap, and other stuff. Im not complaining but it would be nice to have hours a week. Talking to them is like dont understand.  Theres not many jobs around here and its a chore to try and find something.

I just cant see how you can walk away from a business that you built and not care one bit about how it  affected other people. Like the ice cream shop was my mom and I's baby kinda. We were would together on alot of things and it made me feel like I was needed. When they left for something I would be put in charge and it made me feel important. Now I feel like a tiny speck of dust.

All my parents say its Randy's problem and I know it is but for some reason I cant seem to let go and
walk away.  Its gonna take a while to get use to all this but I dont want to give up.

As for my apartment, that security of knowing dad owned it and would be there if I needed anything seems to faded. I know Randy would help in anyway its just for once I felt like dad cared enough to help me in some way.

Maybe Im just being stupid thats what most my family tells me I am about this whole thing but I just dont know anymore. Tommorows a new day! Im hanging in there!
Thanks for reading this! I appreicate you so much for caring enough to listen to a lost girl! TTFN, Dream Girl!

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  1. Change is always hard. Remember that when God closes a door He opens another somewhere. You have to look for the opening.
    Right now you are just frustrated. Your parents didn't give up on you. They gave up the stress the business put on them. Things will work out. Hang in there.