Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend Bliss

Hi Everyone,

I hope that the person reading this is having a great night! I have had a few great days. Ive been hanging with my amazing cousin Alexis. She makes me laugh when I almost in tears. We have had so many different adventures.

 Last Thursday was one of the best adventures I have had in a while. Yes, I'll admit.. I was totally nervous in the morning.. I knew I was forgetting something.. I wanted to make a sign to hold up but I never got to it. Well I got all my stuff together.
I wanted to make sure I got Lexi on time. I pulled up to the high school around 12:10pm. To my surpise I saw Ms.Lee walking to the entrance. For an instance I didnt realize that was her. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I was going to pick up Lexi for a Reba Concert in Grand Rapids. She gave me a hug and said have fun. I got Lexi from lunch and we headed to my apartment to grab the rest of the stuff before we had to pick up Samantha. We dropped Belle and Princess off my parents house and then headed to West Branch to grab Samantha. Finally getting on the highway about 1:30pm. The drive down was eventful till we got to 69. I of course took a wrong turn but with my gps we figured it out. The drive was boring for the most part. The girls werent talkative that much.

We got to Susie and Doug Ford house (thank you again to them for letting us meet there), where we left Kodie's car (not my idea to take my car but whatever).  Kodie and I arent as close as we used to be. I guess its been the distance between us. We drove to Grand Rapids doing great on time. As we enter Grand Rapids area we got the surpise of a lifetime..... SNOW! Nasty ucky snow.. I called Mrs.Green to tell her about it and know that I was thinking of her. We followed the instructions of my handy GPS. The address I had gotten off line wasnt right. It took us to a parking lot. So I tried a few people I knew that area but no anwser. Then my phone went off and it was Mrs.Green calling me back! Thank God! She used to live close to where we were. She told me the streets we needed. We finally found it.
We were still 1/2 hour early though before they would open the doors. We waited in line. There were a group of people that had backstage passes on and to be honest I so wanted to be them. Someday I hope to the lucky one again.
We finally got into the arena. Use the restroom and got food then we went to find our seats. To my surpise, AMAZING seats! They were to the right of the stage. I sat next to Lexi and Samantha and Kodie sat next to Samantha. I knew how excited Lexi was. She had never been to something like this before with me. I think that she was amazed for sure.

Eden's Edge was the first ones to perform. They were really good. I only knew one of there songs. They have there own style of music which is really good. I know I want to hear more of thier stuff. Next was Steel Magnolia. I had heard that one half of Steel Magnolia wasnt going to be there because of personal problems. The girl came out and sang a few songs. She then looked at the audience and said "I have a surpise for you all and I think he should come out and sing some songs." It was James Otto! I have loved all his songs. He harmonized on a few of Steel Magnolias songs and then they did a few of his songs! They were simply cool! Samantha got a migrane by this time so her head was in her lap. I told myself that I wasnt going to let it bother me or ruin anything. Lexi and I sang along to all the songs we knew.

The Band Perry were super, the sounding was off alittle but they were great. Lexi's eyes about popped out of her head when they came on the stage. They sang thier popular tunes like "If I Die Young", "You Lie", and "Hip to My Heart". They were very energic.

Next came out the best person on the planet, Reba Nell McEntire lit up the stage before she even sang the first note. I have seen her in concert so many times but this time just seem to take on more. Her set was more bigger. She sang songs like "You Lie" "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" "The Greatest Man I Never Knew" and so many others. I took alot of pictures. Most which were blurry but I got a few good ones. Lexi and I jammed out to a bunch of them. At the very end she left and got into her Red Dress and came back out to sing "Fancy". Im pretty sure that is her career song. I think that everyone enjoyed themselves.

We drove back to Susie's. Kodie and us went our separate ways. We headed home. Dropped Samantha off and went home. It was kinda weird to come home to an empty house. We crashed. A great way to end a great weekend!

We babysat and did dishes on Saturday. And the week starts. Gotta focus on trying to figure out me. I hope you enjoyed reading this.. TTFN

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