Monday, November 19, 2012

I am thankful for ...... ABC

Hi Everyone,  
            On this day, I want to say how thankful I am for Acorn Buddy Camp. I attended ABC till this past summer when things wouldn’t allow me to attend. It was a different summer for sure without Buddy Camp. But I learned that its OK to mix it up a little and ABC is always with me, everyday of my life.

          Acorn Buddy Camp is a week-long camp designed for handicapped kids. Each camper is paired up with a person of the same sex to help them with things through out the week. They are there if they need help getting dressed, eating, and just to basically be a buddy through out the week. I first attended this camp back in 2001. Acorn Buddy Camp became my second home. The people there are like my second family. I have so many friendships through out the years I attended ABC. I started out as a camper but the last few years ago I have had the privileged to be a buddy.

            Each year I get to see so many of the same campers there and some new faces. These campers are incredible. Even with their challenges, they shine thorough expressions, laughs, and such. They love you for who you are. Each one has something special about them. Some of my best friends are campers. As they grow older and age out of ABC, I know that the time they spend at camp made them a better person.
This is Ryan. He was a camper for many years. I recently got to see
Ryan again when I went to visit him and his family at there lake house :) 
            I have so many sisters and brothers from camp that I lose track of them and I am sorry for that. Each one of them are special in their own ways! I love each and everyone of them. I will never forget how they have impacted my life. I would love to tell you about a few of them.


             Emily Powell (was Snyder) (pictured below with me and her daugther Madelyn a few years back) is the daughter of Bob and Carol Snyder. Carol was the dean of ABC till recently. Emily was one of the first people I met at ABC. She was my first counselar at camp. She is so sweet and kind. She reminds me of  what a sister is. I have so many fond memories of Emily. From walking to the tires, sitting at last campfire, and Emily Sandwich pictures. Through the years Emily has shown me so much. Her heart is so big! When she left camp to start a family, camp was never ever the same. She shown me though, she will always be there for me whenever. She has shown me that I can do anything with people who love me standing next to me! I miss Emily with my whole heart it even hurts sometimes.

 I met Megan Pajtas my third year at camp. She was in my cabin that year. From the start her and I began a friendship I knew would last forever. She is funny, goofy and all round amazing person. She is truly what a true friend is all about. I love her so much! She came to see me this past summer and that meant more than she will understand. She gave me my hope that friends stay together in the heart! Megan is a person I look up to because she has a heart of gold.

This is our first picture taken together.
This picture was taken this past summer when Megan came to
visit me in West Branch! 2012

            Heidi Wolfe (use to be Snyder (below) is one of my sisters for life. She is one of those people that light up a room as she walks into it. I love her lots and I cant imagine not having her in my life. She has shown me so much through these years and I hold all the support, friendship, and love she has given me so close to my heart! She helps me look at the positive side of life.


            Austin Cook came to camp a while back. He has showed me so many things. He is such a funny guy. He made camp so much fun and he also has one of the biggest hearts I know. He can comfort you like an older brother. Austin hasnt attended camp in a while and it shows.

        Kyla Ford (below on the left with Meghan Key (middle) and Me (right)), who has shown me that strength is in all of us. I watch her grow up while at buddy camp. She is my little sister. Even though we dont agree on things and we kinda lost touch, I think of Kyla everyday and wish her the best always. I will never forget all the great times we have had. Showing up and surprising her for her 16th birthday was priceless!

          Aubrey Hiney, (picture below with me) who has been such a great support and has shown me that having Spina Bifida can never get us down. Aubrey shows me everyday I am not alone. She has such an sweet heart! I hope we can stay friends/sisters forever! I miss her everyday!


Katie May, (pictured below with me) who I miss so much and has shown me that friendship last forever. I met Katie that first day of ABC. We didnt really get to know each other till the years went on but she is one of the funniest people I know. She is so sweet, kind, and caring. I love her so much!

Katie and I at the reunion one year :) 

              The list goes on with Meghan Key, Danelle Graves, Amarisa, E-beth, Jessica Cobb, Angela, Heather and Nicole,  Scot, Kris O, Tabby, Net- Net, Rachel, Emily and Orea S., Mellissa, Ryan, and I could go on forever lol.. Each one will always be forever in my heart! It would take me till next year to write each one of you a paragraph so I want you to know that each one of you are special to me and always will be!

              Acorn Buddy Camp will always be a huge part of my life. Even if I never go back to camp, I will forever be grateful for the ones that showed me that I can be who I want to be even with a disability! Thank you to the deans, nurses (Susie- I love you so much! You have been there for me so much through the years. You are like a second mom to me and I appreicate you so much! Miss you from the bottom of my heart!), and staff at Widewater Retreat Center! I love you all and that is why I am grateful to ABC!!!!

TTFN, Dream Girl 

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  1. Good memories to last a life time. Megan sounds very much like her mother. Apple probably did not fall far from the tree.