Monday, November 26, 2012

I am thankful for... Strangers that turn into Family

Hi Everyone,
I hope that you are all having a great night/day! I hope you had a amazing Thanksgiving. Today is the birthday of a young woman who has changed my life for the better. I also want to talk about her family because these people have become like my second family. I credit her with helping me save my life. They all encourage me when I need it. They are there when I am feeling blue. They basically gave me Hope back

Over this past summer, I was learning how to do new things. I had found Jenna and was doing new things with her and trying to get out of my comfort zone. Ms.Vigus is a teacher I knew of in school. She was always really sweet and kind to everyone. I didnt really get to know her till this past year or so. Ms.Vigus would talk about how amazing her daughter Jamie is and how I am so much like her. I thought she was crazy "How could I be like someone I don't know". Through her stories of Jamie I began to idolize Jamie. Its crazy to think I could idolize someone I've really never met but I began to.

I found Jamie on Facebook one day and I sent her a message telling her how amazing I thought her mom was and that she told me all about her. She sent me a message back thanking me and saying hopefully one day we could meet in person. I couldnt help but wish that myself. A month or so went on and Jamie and I  talked every once in a while. She gave me alot of advice when I was down. It helped to know someone was there.

Ms.Vigus's is the aunt of a camper that use to go to Acorn Buddy Camp years ago.  I didnt realize this till a few years ago. This summer, Ms.Vigus sent up a time that Ryan and I could get together. It was fun to get to see Ryan again. Brought back alot of memories. I got to meet Diane (Ryan's mom and Ms.Vigus's sister). She is one of the sweetest people I know. She was so welcoming and such. Made me feel so loved.

One day Ms.Vigus and I were talking and she said Jamie and her family was going to be up at Diane's cabin for the weekend. She asked if I would love to go meet them. I was like "Yes" but I also had that feeling of "What if they dont like me?" "What if I make a fool of myself?". I realized also that the day they would be up was the same day as my cousin's wedding. In all honesty I've never felt like I belonged in my dad's side of the family. I was always the one sitting on the sidelines. I dont really get along with a bunch of them because they are so judgemental and its hard to stay positive with people like that. So when I had to make the choice to go with Ms.Vigus to see Jamie and her family I instantly told her yes. Jamie helped me through some things that most of my dad's family never saw. That day on the lake was so much fun. Not only was Jamie so sweet and kind so was her family. I had an amazing time once I relaxed. While there Jamie asked if I wanted to ride the Jet Ski. I hadnt rode one since my grandma died. Something told me though to do it. So i did. We cruised around the lake. I looked up at the sky. I saw a cloud that looked like a smile. For the first time I felt calmness and relief like my Grandma was telling me to do things even though it made me think of her but in a happy way. I gain a whole new family that day but most important I found a new true friend/sister that I know will be there for me always!

Jamie took on the issue of bullying a little while ago. A girl was being bullied in the local school in my hometown and Jamie set up a Facebook page in support of her. She never dreamed it would go the direction it did. It went National. I for one was so inspired because I always was a person who thought one person cant make a difference especially me because of my Spina Bifida. Jamie showed me that you can make a difference if you stand up for what is right. I attended my first football game in years with Jamie and Ms.Vigus. I would have never done that a year ago at all.

Jamie made this idea to make a video to help set up a non-profit. Ms.Vigus asked me if I wanted to be included. I thought to myself that I would do this for Jamie and all the kids that have been bullied. The day of the video was an adventure for sure. It didnt go the way it was suppose to but I am just glad everything turned out OK  My love for my new family grew that day. I got to spend some one on one time with Jamie and it was like having a sister I never had. I felt like I can tell her anything and ask her anything.

Although Jamie lives a few hours away. She helps me in ways I had given up on. I send her a text everyday saying love you because it makes me feel like I made her day doing that and I have a purpose to get up each day. I also get a hold of Ms.Vigus and Jamie to make sure they are doing OK because it makes me feel better about myself when I do.

Living with a disability can have it challenges and learning that Depression is a real thing that I have to learn to conquer is rough. I have great days that are positive and such. Also have rough days. This past week was a rough one. My parents were going to my brother and his wife in GA for Thanksgiving. I felt alone and lost. I know I wouldnt be totally alone but I just was unsure of not having my parents around for a holiday. I was strong for the most part accepting it and such. I went to my grandmas for dinner and was having a good day. I got home and wanted to clean a bit, I was sorting through some papers that I needed to go throw and toss. I found this envelope and wondered what it was. I opened it and my head began to spin. Inside was one of the notes I had written years ago when I just wanted to end it all. Yes, I had gone that low. I began to get those feeling and such. I really did feel alone, sitting there in my apartment. As I got done reading those horrible words on the page something caught my eye. It was a picture. The picture of the photos of Jamie and I the day of the video shoot. I sat there and hugged that picture. When I say she saves my life this is what that means. It scared me to realize how much easy it can be to slip into my old ways but it also gave me hope that I can get through anything with the help of my sisters and new family and the bunch of people supporting and loving me. So I am not giving up yet for the sake of my sister and my new family! <3

That is why today I am grateful totally for Jamie Kline. Rebecka Vigus, The Sather Clan, and the rest of the Kline and Vigus Clan! Words cant express how much I love you all especially you Jamie. You continue to help me get up each day with hope faith, trust, and love. Thank you for all you do for me!

Here is my piece of advice to anyone who wants to give up, DONT! Find someone to talk to! Everyone matters to someone!


PS. I am sorry for the tears this may have cause! I love you and wanted to tell you what my heart was saying! <3


  1. I do so love you with every inch of my being. It amazes me that you don't see how fabulous you are. You don't seem to realize how many lives you have touched - and continue to touch and how many people are better because of knowing you! It's funny that you would idolize me. I'm really not all that special. YOU, on the other hand, are an absolutely beautiful person inside and out!

    Thank you.

  2. As usual, Jamie has it right. I'm the one in tears. Jen, you being a part of my life, makes me a better person. It helps me see the struggles of children who are for whatever reason different. You are beautiful. Take a good look at your mom, you are her daughter. You are as beautiful as she is. You shine more positive light in this world than any two other people I know combined. I love you.