Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hey Everyone, 

I hope that you all are having a great day! Thank you for following along with my month of thankfulness! I wouldn't be about to do this month of Thankfulness without mentioning a woman who basically has helped me in so many ways. I have wrote about her so much but she is a huge part of my life and she will always be one of my angels/heroes! 

I first meet Harriett Coe when my brother Jesse had her for band I believe. I didn't really know her back then. I just knew my brother liked her and thought she was very nice person. It wasn't till I got into 6th grade at Rose City Middle School that I understood who Ms.Coe really was. I first had her as a Social Studies teacher and I instantly knew she was very special. There was a special way she taught that I loved. Her heart and soul was there along with every word she said. 

I guess you could say it was at Sixth grade camp when I realized that Ms.Coe was one of the most caring people and she really did care for me. This was a time that I was so unsure of myself, hating myself, and not understanding my disability at all. It was the first night, I took my shoes and braces off and noticed my right foot didn't look right. With Spina Bifida, where you have low or no sensation, you can develop sores and such. I discovered I had a blister the size of two half dollars. I was really unsure what to do. I wanted to crawl under the covers most of the time at camp anyhow but this just seem to make it worse. I tried to hide it so i wouldn't have to deal with it but my friends at the time saw it and told Ms.Lee, who was the the teacher in the room we slept in. She looked at it and said she would be right back. By this time I was wanting to cry, I was embarrassed and ashamed. I thought I had done something bad. A few minutes later, Ms. Lee appeared with Ms. Coe. Ms. Coe checked it over and to my surprise she didn't cover it or nothing at first. She sat down and gave me a hug. That day I realized something. Her hugs had the same effect my Grandma Rita's use to have before she died. I felt a tiny sense of myself start to relive that day.

Through the the years, I loved to visit Ms.Coe at the school. It would be fun to come back and hear her famous stories. She would just put you at ease and take away all your worries. When she retired I thought that I would lose touch with her and that thought just about made the world stop. But I began to visit her at home and it was like hanging with a friend. Through out high school I had some very rough patches and yes, I will admit I thought about harming myself but the thought of leaving Ms.Coe behind and making her upset if something was to happen to me always made me think twice. You could say she saved my life more than once.

A few years ago, when I was dealing with a lot of things. I decided I needed to talk to someone about the way I felt. I was really unsure how to do this due to I am one of the shyest people you will meet and had kept so much to myself. I wrote so many letters (most of which I would get ready to mail and then throw away). One night I was down and depressed and decided to write one of my famous letters. I got to thinking and address this one to Ms.Coe. I was unsure if I was going to mail it or not. It took me forever to mail it. It was in my car for weeks. When I did though I felt a surge of comfort almost like my Grandma Rita telling me that I had finally figure it out. Ms.Coe wrote me back the sweetest and most comforting letter ever. I have that letter pinned up on my bulletin board and I read it whenever I get sad to make me feel loved and its makes me realized I have someone that will always be there for me.  

Since that day, Ms.Coe has basically helped me turn my life around. Her advice I take to heart. From the hugs to the tough love advice I need, Harriett Coe is my hero.

She recently (last month) showed me that if I believe in something, It just might come true. It might have been   a consequent but it has shown me wishes can come true. Ms. Coe left about the end of June and was suppose to be home a week or so later but something happened with her mom that she needed to stay. In my heart, I knew she was where she needed to be but I longed for one of her hugs, so much was changing in my life and I wished for the one I trusted the most. People began asking me what I wanted for my birthday (Oct.6th). I know what I wanted in my heart but I knew it was far fetched and I didn't know how to tell people. I posted "I know what I want for my birthday" on Facebook. Many people guessed things like a new car, a boyfriend, and such. A friend popped up on chat and this certain friend knows me very well. Her message read "I know what you want. You want HHC home to celebrate". Truly I did. I had seen her on my birthday since I was in 6th grade. I saw so many shooting stars in the month of September and every one I wished upon my birthday wishes. To my surprise, she came home a few days before my birthday. Not only did it make my birthday more special it made me feel loved and it also lit my belief in my wishes and dreams that much more.  

So I am grateful that I step in Harriett Coe's class so many years ago and that I have her guidance and friendship through this crazy thing called life! She is gone most of the time now helping out with her mom, who is amazing too, but she is always here for me. I think about her and pray for her everyday. We don't talk like we use to but she will forever be my hero! I love her like she is my second mom and always will. I only hope I can make her proud of me!! 

TTFN, Dream Girl 

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