Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I am thankful for... day 4 and 5

Hi Everyone,
I hope that all of you are having a great night! Sorry I am alittle behind time on my thankfulness month blog. My computer has decided it wants to not connect to the internet.
Day 4 and Day 5 of I am Thankful for..

            First I want to say that I am thankful for water, shelter, food that is available to me everyday. Many people (myself sometimes) take for granted the simplest things like food, water, housing. We live in a country where we can get these things most of the time. You see these commercials where there are children starving and having to take care of their siblings because their parents have died and they had no where to go in other countries and I bet it happens even in the US. Most people I know call them a scam or such. Yes, there are scams out there but there are also children out there that need LOVE! I know for me it is hard to watch these commerical because I think every human being should be treated with love and respect. If I had money I would help out any way I could but I don’t have myself quite figured out yet but I will someday. A child should not have to worry where their next meal should come from or if they are going to live till the next morning. We live in a world where all people do is rush all over trying to make a dollar and then spend it on something like beer or cigarettes. I honestly don’t get it but I guess you can’t figure out the whole world. Maybe in the future, we can get it right. 

            The second thing I am thankful for are doctors, nurses, and medical staff everywhere! I was born with Spina Bifida with Hydrocephalus  and so I know my fair share of doctors. From having a dozen or so surgeries to the yearly visits to Children’s Hospital in Detroit, every doctor, nurse, or medical staff has touched my life is so many ways.

            There are so many of them through out the years that I couldn’t possibly name them all. They show me how to be a better person everyday. From Dietitians, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedics to nurses for surgeries, I know they do the best they can for me and they care.

            Pat is a nurse practitioner at Children’s Hospital. She more than just a doctor I see every year. She is a friend/ support system. She shows me everyday that I am not alone with the medical side of things of my Spina Bifida. I know if I have questions, she can help me answer them even though I am 4 hours away from Children’s. I haven’t been the best of patient over the years and right now I want to apologize to Pat for that. I’m not one to be able to show my feelings and I thought if I didn’t listen to all the medical stuff when I was younger somehow it would all go away. I know now that isn’t possible unless they research a miracle. There is one thing though, I hung on every word Pat has ever said to me. Through out the years, I would try what she was saying at home a few times and it wouldn’t work like I thought it would so I would give up. I’m still learning to this day things I know I should have done as a kid and they wouldn’t be so difficult now but I am trying my best. I am so thankful though to have Pat and other doctors I can count on to answer all my questions. Without all of them I wouldn’t be here today with you all. One day at a time is my motto now a days. 

            Not just my doctors I am thankful for.  I am thankful to the many doctors around the world helping out children and adults too.

            The doctors that fight to find a cure for cancer are some of the best heroes out there. Cancer is one of the deadly diseases known to the world. For many years, I have been mad at the doctors that helped my grandma Rita. I was mad at them for letting her die. I thought they had given up on her and felt betrayed by them for that. I know now they did the best they could and they tried their hardest for the time being they gave her years to be with us that she wouldn’t have had without treatment. There are so many kinds of cancer, its hard to keep up with all of them but one of the ones that is the cruelest of them all is childhood cancers. A child should be playing on a jungle gym, playing hopscotch, or riding a bike not in a hospital fighting for their life. St. Jude is one place that holds a special place in my heart because a child shouldn’t have to go through what those children go through. But St. Jude is a place of Hope and Love. They help not only the medical side of things but they make it a place of love. They never turn a child away for the inability to pay either. I have friends in the radio business that have traveled to St. Jude in TN and have said that you don’t feel sadness when you step into the doors, you feel HOPE.

            Doctors that travel to different countries to help others in need are some amazing heroes. From the ones that travel with the Smile Train to the ones that travel to where there is a disaster to help those in need. A child is beautiful and to have a smile that matches that amazing personality can mean the world to one child that has been teased or placed in hiding because of a cleft palate. It comes back to the Hope situation. It brings to the child that didn’t believe they were beautiful and giving them that sense of self confidence back. The doctors that deal with natural disasters are so amazing in the effort to act quick in spite of having to deal with personal things. 

            Without medical staff we couldn’t live as humans. So I am thankful to each and everyone out there that helps out another person. You don’t have to have a medical degree to help out those in need either. To help St. Jude become a partner in HOPE. Its doesn’t cost much but the families and children going through the battle of their lives, it means that someone out there cares. Same goes with the Smile Train and the Red Cross. Weren’t we put on this earth to help out where ever we can?

Thank you for reading! :) <3 Dream Girl

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  1. Wow, thanks for putting that in perspective for me. I know there are some wonderful people in the medical profession. But like most people I think we take them for granted. They are not gods, but humans with a heart, who have studied medicine to help those in need. Thanks, Jen. Once again a wake up call.