Tuesday, February 11, 2014

365 days of picture: saying goodbye to a girl/woman who saved me thru rough patches

I wake up today and find out that another one of my heroes had died. Shirley Temple was an amazing actress and person! She helped me thru a lot growing up. She was my go to gal when I needed a smile. From her catch phases like " O MY WORD" or her many songs she sang I admire her and wanted to be just like her. Her movies became my light in my childhood. She was there when I was sad and needed some hope! I continue to watch her movies as they are part if who I am! 

I always loved in a lot of her movies the daddy/daughter bond that is shown in them.. In one her dad goes to serve in the war and her mom dies and her dad goes behind enemies lines to take her to an aunt but gets caught and goes to jail. Shirley temple goes to the White House to talk to Abe Lincoln. In other one her dad goes to war and she gets shipped to a all girls school. They get word that her dad is considered dead but she is determined to find him. In the end they both work out find but it was the bond between them that i always admire about her movies. 

It's always sad when someone you admire dies but it hard to know you will never get a chance to tell them how they impacted your life! So if you get the chance to tell anyone famous or not how you feel take that oppuniuty and don't let it slip by because you never know when they will slip Away!! 

I love you Shirley Temple and you will be forever in my heart!! Xoxo

Ttfn, dream girl 

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