Tuesday, February 4, 2014

365 days of pictures day 3: winter blues

This is the view out my window a few days ago. For a girl that has lived in michigan her whole life you think she would be used to the snow. Well when I was a kid I like to go out and play in it with my brothers but as I have grown older I learned me and snow have become enemies. A lot has to do with I have no balance to begin with so it is not a good thing to get thru. It also causes problem in the winter boots apartment as finding boots that cover over leg braces is a pain. 

This winter has been especially hard because of owning a house and learning the ups and downs of that has been stressful. It's been a hard winter for sure.. I'm tired of being cooped up so much it's becoming hard to stay positive! 

So this girl is ready for spring to come anytime :) sorry for being so short but trying to catch up :) love y'all!! Please continue to read along! I appreciate you all so much! 

Ttfn, dream girl 

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  1. Being cooped up is hard on everyone. You are not alone there. I remember playing out in the snow as a kid. I also remember being the first one to come in because I was frozen. Finding boots to keep my fee warm was challenging. I found a pair when I was in high school and wore them until they fell apart. I finally found UGGs while they don't come in a narrow size I can still be warm in them. Some days are better than others. And the older I get, the less I trust my balance. If I fall, I will be on the ground until someone finds me or spring arrives. Love ya, Kiddo.