Tuesday, February 18, 2014

365 days of pictures: the story of a princess and her sister!

This is my other best friend in the whole world.. Her name is Princess. She is 2.5 years old and appx 2.6 lbs. yes that is small for a dog but she is as healthy as can be :) but the way I ended up with princess is quite a funny but strange story.. 

Almost about three years ago I was looking for a small dog as I had gotten rid of George my cat and I don't like a lonely house so I began looking into getting a small dog as my dad at the time was my landlord. I looked online at so many different dogs. I had found a little female chihuahua in Jackson but she would have costed me gas money plus 100.. I had almost had given up hope when a friend I worked with said to me one night "my neighbor has a chihuahua that he needs a home for"..my friend told me I can bring her to you. She brought me the puppy and I loved her at first sight. I named her Tinkerbelle. 
                                             This is Lucy just a few weeks old 

After able three months after having "belle", my parents and I noticed belle put on some weight. It we brushed it off as maybe she was getting over fed.. Well weeks went by and we knew something was up.. My mom joked, "she looks pregnant"! I said no way! Impossible! Well not so impossible! On June 30,2011, princess and Lucy were born in the middle of the night.. Yes I panicked the whole time.. As they were the tiniest things. 
                                         Princess a few weeks old.. 

When the babies were old enough my mom and I discuss the option of me getting a rid of them. Well I have one of those hearts that hates to give up things. So my mom decided to take the bigger puppy to  my parents house till they could find a home for Lucy... Let's just say they fell in love and Lucy remains at their house which is nice so I get to see her! On the other hand I got to keep the tiniest one princess!  She is just like one of my babies! She has given a few scares but has pulled thru. 

This picture shows the size difference of Lucy (far right) and Pricess (front left) also picture is their mom belle! 

I love my girls with all my heart! They are their when I need someone to cry with and they are there when I need someone! 

I hope you all have a great night!!! Xoxo, DREAMGIRL 

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