Monday, February 3, 2014

365 days : dreaming of gold


The Olympics have just started and so it made me think back to when I first starting loving the people in the above college of pictures. I remember loving to watch the ice skAting event each time it was on. From the amazing outfits and the amazing technique.. It made me want to try it myself but I believe my disability never would allow me as it took away much of the balance I have.. 

Tara Lipinski is the first one I know that stuck out as someone I admire.. I can remember exactly how amazing I thought it was when she won gold at the Olympics. I feel in love with her drive and determination. I also loved Scott Hamilaton for his back flips and I was in awe of how graceful Michelle Kwan was.. 
I fell in love with ice skating everything from movies like Ice Pricess and Ice Castles. I included a Barbie doll I got when I was just a little girl about the time Tara won the gold and yes I named her Tara. I would close my eyes and pretend she was me :) 

Each of the figure skaters thru out the years have made some impact on my life but the thing I remember most is they all gave or give me hope in my dreams.. 
Never give up on your dreams even if they seem miles away! I wish every competitor at the Sochi games the best!! You are all heroes in my eyes!! Even tho I don't have tv Go TEAM USA! 

Ttfn, dream girl 

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  1. Skaters have a special drive. Just like all the other athletes who make it to the Olympics. In many cases they have given up a childhood on the hope of one day competing. It's a lot of sacrifice. It's great to admire them.