Saturday, February 15, 2014

365 days of pictures: scars tell a story

They say a scar tells a story and I believe this.. For instance this scar is a really weird story.. This is a picture if my left foot.. How I got this weird pattern scar is: 

I was standing in the kitchen of my parents house and was leaning againist a stood by the stove as my mom and I and a friend of mine was baking stuff.. Well we talked and continued to bake and I moved the stool and went and sat behind the counter so my mom could get the stuff out of the oven.. 

Around I'd say about 20 mins I looked down at my foot and it looked funny. I asked mom and she grab ice and stuff.. With my Spina bifida I have no feeling in my feet.. Well my foot began to blister.. Mom looked at me and said how did u burn ur foot.. I hadn't a clue.. So we wrapped it up and back tracked my steps.. 

Come to find out I had somehow gotten my foot too close to the hot tong things under the oven! Lesson learned there! 

Have a beautiful day people!! Thanks for reading!! 


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