Thursday, February 6, 2014

365 of pictures: under the bed isn't just for monsters


I don't own this picture but i believe it goes with my post.. Theres are a lot from my childhood I would love to forget from the fights with my parents and myself about living with a disability to losing people I love.. 

The view like in this picture was a occurance when I was little.. I would hid under my bed so I wouldn't have to go to school or when I was in trouble. I would just hide under here and cry. NO my parents did not abuse me. Yes I grew up where you got ur mouth slapped for back talking and butt paddled for doing something wrong. But I can't hide that my parents and I did get into fights.. Many of them did get rough but I wasn't the easiest kid to raise.. But there are so many things I wish I had done differently or my parents had done.. Maybe I wouldn't be the way I am today.. 

I don't remember how old I was but my parents and brothers were away on a sports trip and I had convince them to let me stay home.. They left and i spent while watching tv and did things I had done when they left.. On this particular night it wasn't anything bad.. But I can remember I was sitting on the couch and the telephone rang and it was my brother I believe or it might have been my dad.. I can't quite remember but all they said was I needed to lock all the doors and turn all the lights off.. So keying bad had happen to the family that lived down the road who I was friends with the daughter.. It was a family who was very down on their luck.. The dad was in jail and it was a mom and her new boyfriend and kids.. They basically lived in a shack but anyhow back to the story.. They called and told me I needed to lock all the doors and don't not answer the door for anyone.. The told me there was a man who had just killed his girlfriend (the kids mom) and they didn't know where he was headed but he might have gone in the woods.. Well I can remember be freaked completely out.. I locked all the doors and hid under my brothers jesse's bed and cried.. I just remember being scared out of my wits and no one was there to comfort me.. 

My parents and brothers came home in the morning and I kept all my feelings inside about it all because I believe it wasn't important and I shrugged it all off but I believe it was the start of my realizing fear was real.. Come to find out the guy killed himself.. 

So my advice is if something bad happens talk to your kids and make sure they are ok! It maybe a bigger thing than u realize!! 

Ttfn, dream girl 

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  1. Yeah, it's better to talk about 'bad' things than keep them bottled up. No one should be that afraid with no talk afterward. Love you.